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Home appliance manufacturers in Europe use IEC and IEC as their standard of safety, with Annex H of IEC defining the safety requirements for electronic controls and acceptable measures to address faults and errors. Most microcontroller vendors with a customer base developing home appliances will offer some sort of low-level software routines that help to ensure the fulfilment of Class B safety requirements. Such libraries test whether the CPU registers are functioning as required, check that the program counter is not stuck and test the functionality of on-chip memories.

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In addition, networked features are increasingly being added to the mix, allowing the smart phone and a variety of apps access to the status of our home appliances from the office or whilst we are out and about. In order to stem the increased level of complexity, it has become more or less a necessity to utilize the power of a real-time operating system RTOS.

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This is where winIDEA's advanced profiling features support the embedded developer, allowing a non-intrusive look at how the microcontroller is managing the various task and the varyingly prioritized interrupts. New customer? Ordering products? This is an ESPO managed service which offers a range of white goods and electrical products. You can be assured that all our white goods come with a full one year warranty products must be used as per their design which, unlike many retailers, covers them for use in non-domestic settings.

We will deliver your new appliance and remove your old, disconnected appliance free of charge on the same day.

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Please note: 1. To download the catalogue or price file documents, you must be registered as either a catalogue or frameworks customer and logged in.

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To place an order, you must be a registered catalogue customer with an ESPO account number. If currently have a frameworks account only, please contact marketing espo.

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Enquire about this framework. This is an ESPO managed service.

If you don't currently have an ESPO account number, please contact marketing espo. Thousands of customers choose ESPO for their white goods and electrical products knowing they receive high quality, top brands at competitively low prices.

All our white goods come with a full one year warranty products must be used as per their design which, unlike many retailers, covers them for use in non-domestic settings. We offer nationwide delivery on all our products within this catalogue. White goods: Washing machines and dryers Electric and gas ovens Microwave and combination ovens Fridges and freezers Dishwashers Compact cooking equipment Tea and coffee making equipment Toasters, blenders and mixers.

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Professional procurement support is always on hand from ESPO. Suppliers listed within this catalogue were assessed during the procurement process for their compliance of bid, compliance with contract regulations, financial stability, insurance, equality and diversity, health and safety, environment, track record, quality assurance, business continuity management and resilience of the supply chain and social value before being awarded a place on the framework. All products in this catalogue are ordered directly from ESPO.