Through the Gate of Time

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The concept of prayer is therefore [the key with which] each individual enters through his own gate. We are thus taught that prayer is " the ladder standing on earth, with its head reaching the heavens ". The thirteenth gate, however, is for the individual who does not know from which of the twelve tribes he originates.

Since he does not know which gate to use, [he can use this one] to enter the King's courtyard. This thirteenth gate also parallels the thirteenth Attribute of Mercy, which is "and cleanses". This includes the other twelve Attributes, as is known to those who comprehend. The godly Ari…arranged a special order of prayer based on all the others…. Knowing the paths of heaven as he did, the godly Ari taught a way for those who do not know from which tribe they originate.

For this reason, he arranged a special order of prayer based on all the others, as is known to those who are well versed. It may then be asked why the other twelve gates were needed, since they are all included in the thirteenth.

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Why is the thirteenth gate not enough? The answer is, however, that each tribe originally knew its own particular order of prayer, and it was certainly best for each one to enter through its own gate…. Now that people do not know the tribe of their origin, and we also do not know which customs apply to which tribes, it is best to follow the order arranged by the Ari, which is universal. The prophet Ezekiel predicted that in the Ultimate Future there would only be twelve gates in Jerusalem [one for each tribe]. The reason for this is that everyone will then know his own tribe.

Gate of Time

To continue on to a related article on the nature of prayer, May the Words of My Mouth Editor's note: Anyone who knows clearly his family's version of prayer, yet is considering changing, should consult an authoritative rabbi as to the advisibility of doing so. But why was it necessary to have l3 gates in the Holy Temple? Didn't all know at that time to which tribe they belonged?

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    But the following can be revealed: Our sages teach us that [a person entering and leaving] the Holy Temple would have to bow 13 times, paralleling the 13 gates [of the Temple]. Break these earthly chains and set the spirit free The lines between the symbols remind me of a musical staff with the circles as notes. At first I thought maybe it was referencing the Song of Time but that doesn't seem to be the case as far as I can tell. I could be completely wrong about the symbolism altogether, but given how closely tied music is to time in the series Harp of Ages, Ocarina of Time, Song of Passing, Song of Time, Inverted Song of Time, Song of Double Time, Sun's Song or even just how prominent music and instruments are in general in the games, I thought the idea may be worth mentioning.

    For one thing, musical staves have five lines, but these designs have four, and they also lack any apparent clefs. Plus, speaking as someone who has very little experience with music and thus doesn't entirely know what he's talking about, the dots don't seem to correspond with notes- the hollow circles could be whole notes, but there's no corresponding note for the solid black dots.

    And if the hollow circles are whole notes, then the resulting "song" doesn't seem to have much rhythm to it and would consist of single notes followed by long, awkward pauses. Now, as I said before, the letters on the inactive Gate of Time are confirmed to be from an ancient, now-unreadable Hylian dialect from Hylia's era, and the twelve symbols could be similarly ancient numbers. Following this trend, these could be examples of an archaic style of Hyrulean musical notation, which like everything else is now unreadable.

    Gate of Ivrel by C.J. Cherryh

    Honestly, though, the more I look at them, the more I'm reminded of the examples of Sheikah machinery and circuitry we've been seeing in BotW, so they could well just denote some of the Gate's internal circuits. You might notice that there are 12 symbols outside of the outter ring, and some of them resemble the zodiac signs.

    And well, the zodiac signs are 12 in total, and each correspond to a month of the year. My guess is that these symbols represent zodiac signs, or even individual months.

    Gate Quotes

    Inside the ring there are more things to notice. One notices there three parts that have lines and dots, that bear a striking resemblance to the standard way we write musical notes, and it seems that over them there are clock pointers. At the very center there is the Triforce, in the middle of what seems to be a Sun disc symbol.

    If you count the 'rays' of this Sun symbol, they are 24 - as many as the hours in a day are. To me, it reminds the several similar symbols that have been found in the real world, that place the Sun in the middle, and the Zodiacs around it in a circle, sometimes featuring other imagery in between.

    This symbol from Zelda has a resemblance with this ancient pattern of the real world. Such symbols have been painted for thousands of years. At the earliest forms the one in the middle was the Sun, then people started depicting the god of the Sun, then Christians even adopted it but changed the Sun god with Jesus That is an excellent observation Alithinos about the 24 rays surrounding the triforce.

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    • I think you make the best case about what the symbols mean and represent. To me, the gate of time looks similar to the image on the door of time in OOT. I know it is not exactly the same but there are rays and what looks like a sun in the middle. Also the three spiritual stones kind of relate to the three symbols on the Gate of Time.

      Just a thought since they both have to do with time.