The Self and Madness

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The third thing unties us from old societal norms, which were never created by or for women. I love the way Sarah unites women as a catalyst for change within ourselves and our communities. I set aside my old tools and rules created by others. I find the middle path, my path.

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Holding that small flame, keeping it alive, no matter what—beyond gender, beyond, politics, beyond race, beyond time, and perhaps beyond death. Just love the one who is on that journey! I see you do, Alice! Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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    You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content June 26, Alice Lundy. Free the She meditations and practices open the door for non-airy-fairy enlightenment. The third thing calls us to rise from within, rather than chasing something outside.

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    The Self and Others. Further Studies in Sanity and Madness

    Like this: Like Loading And I love the people I meet on the path—including you, Shelagh! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Its language was poetry. From some dark, distant part of my unconscious poems emerged, trailing onto blank pages with their own lively patterning. As I held the paper in my hands on which the poems were written, I came to see these as evidence that I existed; the concrete poems were proof that I was still alive.

    They were invaluable in helping me keep my head above the water that threatened to swamp me.


    I just left them in a drawer. And so in Poems from the Madhouse was born. I was forty years old and for me life did begin at forty.

    I had been given back an identity that was much more positive than my schizophrenia label; I was a poet. While I do not have the abundant imaginative fertility of a T. Eliot or a Sylvia Plath, I have felt the inspiration that creativity can bring to all of us. It has also been a way of piercing the remote world of others who have been touched by madness. Poetry, art and music, which are already on the margins, are safe ways of exploring the marginalised mad experience, and the artists who have done it well have spoken for all of us in an articulate and unique way.


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    In poetry we utter the unutterable, speak the unspeakable, say the unsayable, express the inexpressible and sense the insensible. My hope for humanity lies in the creative impulse. I have faith that there is a poem in every heart. Writing has been a positive force in my life for many years. I have written articles, essays and a memoir in which I have interrogated not only my life with schizophrenia but my past and my family. But in the past four years I have felt as though I was touched by fire with poems pouring from my imagination like a river bursting its banks.

    Madness The Self-Fulfillng Prophecy

    Chiaroscuro looks at the light and shade of the world through my own pereceptions coloured by own light and shade. Both books use s humour and satire to illuminate the subject matter. Both books are a search for meaning through poetry, a positive force in my life which continues to give me pleasure and purpose and a strong sense of self.

    The Dark Hours I love the dark hours of my being My mind deepens into them. This is a dark hour in which my soul does not rest in peace yet a poem is born. Chiaroscuro I am a carnival a rollicking sideshow a circus the life and soul while in the house of mirrors a bewildered face illuminated by darkness and shrouded in light peers back at me with untwinkling eyes but outside and inside the show must go on.

    The self and madness in Marlowe's "Edward II" and Webster's "The Duchess of Malfi".

    Donate Now. Subscribe via RSS. Madness, poetry and the search for meaning Sandy Jeffs.