The Parisian Playboy (Mills & Boon Modern)

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Alexei's first instinct is to banish her, furious that Eleanor has invaded his sanctuary. But the feisty Eleanor appeals to him, and it has been too long since a beautiful woman has warmed his bed.

Helen Brooks

He strikes a deal: an exclusive interview in return for a few nights in his exclusive company Billionaire Harry Finn's reputation is legendary: formidable in business, charming to beautiful women. What he wants, he gets - and top of his list is secretary Elizabeth Flippence.

The Parisian Playboy (In Love With Her Boss, book 2) by Helen Brooks

Seeks very personal assistant! One month working together on the luxurious Finn Island resort is more than enough time for Harry to sweep this buttoned-up office beauty from behind her desk and into his bed, onto the beach, and wherever else he decides! Elizabeth isn't content to be just another conquest. But there's an unknown side to her incorrigible playboy boss that's even more dangerous than his devastating smile Shari Lacey has never been the kind of girl to have a one-night stand - until she meets sexy Frenchman Luc Valentin and is simply bewitched.

But one night in Luc's arms changes her life completely - in more ways than one The epitome of French cool, Luc thinks he'll never see stubborn Australian Shari again. Her arrival in Paris means they can pick up where they left off - primarily in the bedroom! That is until Shari informs him that their one night together has started a chain of events that could bind them together for ever A great, toe-curling read!

Now that he can't produce an heir, he's the last Petrelli standing.

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So how could Isabel Carter have given birth to his baby? Feeling out of her depth, Mel ended it—but was left with an enduring reminder of Luke….

When Mel meets her ex again, he still has the X factor, and the red-hot passion between them reignites. As they spend time getting to know each other again—intimately—they realize the chemistry between them is too powerful to resist. But once Mel's secret comes out, will Luke be able to trust her? There's Something About a Rebel Risky Business Lissa Sanderson is at an all-time low—so why does her brother's gorgeous, brooding best friend have to come back into her life now? Even worse, the teenage crush she once had on Blake Everett is back with a vengeance, despite his scandalous reputation and the fact the former navy officer would clearly prefer to be left alone.

Mills & Boon - Love Bites - In Defiance of Duty by Caitlin Crews

Only, now she's a woman. And Blake's not quite so immune to her as he makes out.

Series: In Love with Her Boss

There's definitely something about a rebel—and Lissa's going to enjoy finding out just what that "something" might be! Only, she's been swindled! Left with no cash, she needs help. Abby intrigues sexy, dark businessman Zak Forrester, and he offers her a roof over her head. Living together, it's impossible to resist the intense chemistry between them. But Zak insists that although she may share his bed, she can never be his wife….

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Behind Closed Doors He's back—and as bad as ever! Jack Devlin is Cleo Honeywell's Achilles' heel—and he's a drop-dead-gorgeous one at that.

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But just because he sends a million inappropriate thoughts racing through her mind doesn't mean she'll forgive him for jetting off across the world and taking her heart with him. Especially now that he's dared to come waltzing back into her life! But while Cleo may be determined not to fall at his feet—or into his bed—Jack has other ideas.

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Because it may have been years, but he still finds Cleo as irresistible as ever. And this time, once they've flipped the do-not-disturb sign, he'll be staying all night! Until now Annie has always kept her frosty barriers firmly in place, but then a shock discovery means the playboy tycoon feels duty-bound to protect her….

I understood Holly's issues, but i was hoping that she would work it out earlier in the book, by opening up or talking to a psychologist because I see there being problems later on. Helen Brooks began writing in as she approached her 40th birthday! She realized her two teenage ambitions writing a novel and learning to drive had been lost amid babies and hectic family life, so set about resurrecting them. In her spare time she enjoys sitting in her wonderfully therapeutic, rambling old garden in the sun with a glass of red wine under the guise of resting while thinking of course.