The English Legal System: 2012-2013: Volume 2

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XI 1 at Winter Summer Insight , Issue No. I, June , , Goyang, Korea, II, June , , Goyang, Korea, Health L. Kirby was a Commissioner of the the Commission. Dispensing with Justice - Interview with Sally Pryor. XLIII:1, , John M. Greaney, and Hon. Bork, Sydney Law Review, 13 1 , Janvier , 85, Owning God? Leadership for Good Starts Here , "I will find what is unjust and bring it to justice" p.

Skip to main content. You are here Home. Book Description Routledge, Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P More information about this seller Contact this seller. The English Legal System: Volume 2. Gary Slapper ; David Kelly. Publisher: Routledge , We argue that abductive reasoning has developed as a typical research method in all fields of interpretive studies but is still unrecognized by accounting researchers and practitioners.

Therefore, this study aims to raise awareness on the benefits obtained through the implementation of abduction as a research strategy. Starting from Peirce and Blaikie , we explore two types of abduction designs and discuss the advantages of building accounting research on grounded concepts. While this is a conceptual paper that only describes the bridge abduction reasoning can build between studying the reality and new theory emergence, we do not tackle any ethnographical case studies, social survey, or other exploratory field analyses.

The importance ofhigh-quality financial statements is highlighted by the main standard-setting institutions activating in the field of accounting and reporting. These have issued Conceptual Frameworks which state and describe the qualitative characteristics of accounting information. In this qualitative study, the research methodology consists of reviewing the literature related to the definition of accounting quality and striving for understanding how it can be explained.

The main objective of the study is to identify the characteristics information should possess in order to be of high quality. These characteristics also contribute to the way of defining financial accounting quality. The main conclusions that arise from this research are represented by the facts that indeed financial accounting quality cannot be uniquely defined and that financial information is of good quality when it enhances the characteristics incorporated in the conceptual frameworks issued by both International Accounting Standards Board and Financial Accounting Standards Board.

The business world is changing at an impressive speed: the global financial crisis, challenging markets, technology and talent crisis have a major impact on business.


The last century can be associated with the triumph of the automobile industry. At the beginning of the 21st century the automotive industry has experienced one of the largest shifts in the automotive history. The new CO2 regulations on global level have determined the automotove industry to adopt new and original technologies faster than anticipated. The emerging tendency of car sharing in larger cities added to the media information related to the negative environmental effects of car mobility generate concerns that customers were seeking a replacement to the traditional, individual car ownership.

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The automotive industry will face challenging years ahead taking into consideration the shifting paradigm in auto-mobility. In this context, this article aims to provide a general perspective of the tendencies in the automotive sector. The article focuses on the healthcare financing analysis in Romania in the European context, trying to capture the revenue and the expenses trends over the last years.

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All time health system was the most important domain for a national economy. It is known that a domestic economy works if it has a good health system. This is the reason for which I took as an example to be followed Netherlands health system that I would recommend to be used even in Romania in order to get the best results. Terrorism is a key issue and an international phenomenon that affects several countries and large communities with various ethnic minorities and religious groups have suffered from terrorism. It leads to a disruption of the progress and development, and as result of these acts valuable resources are exhausted.

Across the centuries Islamic history has witnessed disturbances and plots from those who attribute themselves to Islam and whom they abide by Islam regulations and teachings, as Islam calls upon moderation and none interference with others. Therefore, intellectual approach for true Islamic teachings, in terms of belief and thought, none interference, jurisprudence, decency and behavior, did not remain marginal issue, but have become urgent and core requirement nowadays because there has been further delinquency, corruption, temptations and misconceptions at this time.

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In all Islamic teachings, fighting terrorism needs to happen to achieve peace. Analysts in various fields are still debating on the causes that led to such historical events, and also on the effects on short and long term that these revolutions have, or might have. One thing is certain for all: the Arab world entered a new stage in its development. The social networks have been growing steadily in recent years. Facebook, one of the most popular social networks, is a modern means of communication and socialization that has taken lately more ground in higher education becoming an important academic tool in the communication process.

Many universities have their own Facebook page, being used by both students and teachers, and creating Facebook groups increasingly facilitates communication with students. Thus, this paper aims to identify the importance that Facebook holds in the academic communication process and highlights the implications it has in higher education. The results reveal that this type of communication has gained more ground in academia creating real social communities, and students use it more and more for collaboration in various activities involved in the higher education system, but also for socializing and information.

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Defining and classifying innovation represents a complex approach both theoretical and practical. While comprising various views, the innovation concept is permanently redefined according to various criteria. Nevertheless, approaching innovation generic features should be always considered as defining the core of innovation as a concept. The aim of the present paper is to perform a literature review identifying the essential features of innovation with the aim of providing a comprehensive and holistic view of the concept.

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Furthermore, the present article aims at delivering a theoretical guide on innovation. To this end, the review comprises definition of concept, classification, risk factors, innovation systems and measuring indicators. This paper highlights the significant share of multinational companies in international trade that are a factor of developing global economies.

In the context of economic globalization the activity of multinational companies and their foreign direct investment have a strong impact on the host country which presents advantages and disadvantages for them. The main objective of this article is the review of the important role played by multinationals in economic development, especially in developed economies.

Executive Summary

In the economies in which they operate, they bring capital, technology transfer, improve the national reputation and influence the other companies to invest in this countries, they provide a substantial source of revenue for the government and always improve the balance of payments in the host country. This paper proposes an overview of the evolution in the automotive sector in the process of regional development.

The fundamental changes made by the component supplier sector improved the regional development and manufacturing process. Automotive industry is one of the modern sectors in many countries that benefits of a high technology impact and creates jobs that reduces unemployment across Europe. The auto industry changed cities, regions and countries into poles of development and it becomes more and more efficient. The high foreign direct investments from the automotive sector play an important role in regional development process. Continuous changes are being made in the economy, society, and company; in conclusion the automotive clusters will always be a subject of analysis.

The economic conditions and market competition create pressures on companies to adopt new technologies that can provide more efficient information and can support decision-making better. The purpose of the research is to investigate the decision support information systems in order to apprise and enhance the capacity of the entities to apply the new knowledge that BI produces for organizational success and competitiveness.

The importance of the conducted research consists in identifying solutions to improve reporting and stimulate the entities to start using business intelligence BI technologies, which facilitate obtaining new information, in order to ensure flexibility, resilience and provide answers to questions that go beyond what the pre-defined reports can do to support decision-making. The estimated result is a technical and operational overview of the large companies in Romania, drawing future directions for an improved competitive behaviour and strategic awareness, and identifying the significant factors for optimizing the decision-making process.

My research goal was to assess the implementation and enhancement of the rights of HIV positive Romanian children and youth. I focused on the violation of these rights and on measures taken against discrimination. This article attempts to analyze the influence of culture on marketing programs for new products launch. Despite the special attention that literature confers to new products, the tactical side represented by marketing program which operationalize the new product launch, it is strongly neglected.

Thus, considering the actual trends toward international markets and the existing gap in literature, the paper sections will treat the culture components in relation with marketing program activities developed for a new product launch. The contribution of this paper at scientific progress is accomplished by providing detailed descriptions of changes occurred in marketing programs in cultural diversity context; it is a preamble for a field which need new developments, theories and knowledge. In terms of conclusions, marketing program on international market is expected to be a good predictor of new product success, and at the same time, a useful approach to optimize the allocation of marketing effort.

A large variety of different countries conditions requires a modernization of criteria, norms and standards of competition regulation and methods of enforcement. Competition advocacy is a type of complementary activity exercised by antimonopoly authorities additional to enforcement measures, through active cooperation with market, government and civil society actors and increasing the understanding of the benefits of competition.

Relevance of article is determined by summarizing the theoretical studies and the present practice of advocacy in the USA and the EU. Originality and practical applications of research are based on empirical studies completed by Moldovan Competition Board. Globalization and changes in the business environment have important implications on the nature and function of managerial accounting MA.

Organizations realized that market and customer orientation is essential for their success and the secret to improve profitability and performances is to attract and maintain customers. Customer relationship management CRM is one of the most important business strategies for organizational performance evaluation.