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Genetic modifications? Entire body made of flame? Take your best shot. As the final product of Project Cinder, Cinder's entire body has been converted into an unstable plasma energy form only controlled by the armor equipped to him by Ultratech. He can control the plasma, giving him something akin to pyrokinesis which he mainly uses to create explosive Pyrobombs. He can also fly through the air in a streak of fire. He fights in a military CQC style reminiscent of his days as a member of the special forces. A failed experiment turned him into a being of living flame.

He has now been offered freedom if he can defeat Glacius in the Killer Instinct tournament. Cinder's original appearance in Killer Instinct Cinder's retro appearance in Killer Instinct He is kept confined in a top-security block until Ultratech decide to enter him into the tournament under the codename Cinder to defeat Glacius fairly and in full public view, his freedom providing the ultimate incentive.

Leaving as the champion of the tournament, a hostile police reception awaits him outside the gates of Ultratech. As no stranger to confinement from his former life of crime, Cinder has no intention of being imprisoned again.

Adeliz, the Cinder Wind [DOM]

Using his newly acquired power, he easily evades the capture attempt, leaving his potential captors in his wake. Picking a location suitable for his current condition, he ponders his next move. Ben's all fired up for his second debut in Killer Instinct Cinder returns as the eighth character of Killer Instinct Season 2. Since the series has been rebooted, his death at the hands of Glacius in the original Killer Instinct was retconned and his backstory has been altered.

After a decorated and successful military career, Ben left the Army at age 31 to enter the lucrative world of paramilitary contracting. After all, a guy with his flawless mission completion record and skillset should be making a lot more money. Ben found himself in-demand, with each successful mission leading him to the next difficult but impressive payday. Instead of engaging in off-the-books operations for his country, Ben was doing it for crooked corporations and CEOs.

Ben had his ideal job, incredible pay, and was sought after by the most powerful people on the planet. Ben received a contract offer for an almost ridiculous sum. The danger, the difficulty, and the mystery only made the contract more appealing to Ben. The more he learned, the less he felt like he knew. Ben had to go deeper.

MK11 Guest Characters - Cinder Fall

Many months passed as Ben worked Ultratech from the inside; making friends with higher level employees, bugging their gear or offices, and watching and listening for something, anything, that might point him in the right direction. The only piece of information he had after nearly a year on contract only increased his desire to complete the mission - all signs pointed toward extraterrestrial origins for "Project Cinder".

Some Kung Fu girl with a dragon has been making quite a name for herself lately. Cinder has been ordered to capture her so that Ultratech can study her and her mysterious guardian. Cinder's new Fury's Core background stage in Killer Instinct Fury's Core is set in an underground area on a mound of volcanic rock surrounded by lava. Around the lava is various forms of high-tech Ultratech security and equipment, including a large tower-like piston structure and several broken rooms.

A hovering platform with a claw on it can sometimes be seen taking loads of cargo and flying off. Strange capsules along the left side of the stage contain mysterious humanoid figures floating in the fetal position. During an Ultra Combo, the piston tower jams into the lake of lava which causes it to cool off instantly and the lava solidifying into molten rock and begins shooting thick steam upward.

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The musical theme of Fury's Core is a remix of Cinder's classic theme, " Trailblazer ". During the slow music due to characters not moving, the samples from the Main Theme will play. Unique Trait - Fired Up! Cinder automatically gains a "Fired Up" state approximately 8 seconds 4 timer units after it is consumed, no matter what is happening.

Depending on which part of them is aflame, using the corresponding attack will fan their flames and increase the duration of the Burnout ex. Killer Instinct Cinder's teaser silhouette Cinder concept art. This early design was used as his teaser silhouette Early designs of Cinder Cinder revealed in Hisako's trailer. Add a photo to this gallery. About now, I'm thinking old TJ has to be regretting that witty line of his: "Is that the best you got, Ultratech?

And that name! Uh, how about "Sir Punchalot", or "Dr. Jab", or, oh wait wait I know: "Mr. Pft, loser. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to talk. It's hard to go by "Ben" when you look like I do. But you know what? Erland so that maybe they will find a cure for Peony. Kai is worried about his father who is suffering from Letumosis as well as the Lunar Queen Levana who wants to form an alliance by marrying him.

If he finds and reinstates her, then he will not be forced to marry the evil queen. Princess Selene was presumed dead but there is rumor that she may have been smuggled to earth many years ago.

So what happened in book one?

When Cinder takes the repaired android back to Kai, she is spotted by Levana. Levana is livid and claims that they are harboring a Lunar fugitive. Doctor Erland does confirm that Cinder is Lunar and that he is as well. There is going to be a ball held at the castle and Kai asks Cinder to be her guest but she says no, afraid he will find out about her.

Cinder Falls Is Alive! / RWBY Volume 6 Intro Theory

Levana brings an antidote to Letumosis with her to Earth and Cinder tries to save Peony but is too late. She dies but Cinder is able to save another boy confirming that the antidote does work. The night of the ball Cinder is planning to escape but she finds out that the Lunar queen is planning to marry Kai then kill him so that she may rule.

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She goes to the ball to warn Kai. Cinder shows up drenched and dirty to the ball but she and Kai are able the share a dance anyway.

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Levana shows up and makes a scene. She very nearly forces Cinder to shoot herself using her mind control power but Cinder is able to fight it and makes a run for it out of the castle. But on her way down the steps she looses her cyborg foot and is arrested.

Kai now knows that she is both cyborg and Lunar. While in prison Dr. She is also Princess Selene, and will now be hunted by Queen Levana who knows her true identity though no one else does. He warns Cinder that she must find a way to escape. One of the reason is that the climax is different from the rest of the books…. I would recommend everyone to read it. Omg Thank You for all the great summary. I had to do a project about this book, and this page came a long way in the making of the project.

Great Summary! Regardless of what I think, this summary is good either way. It is the best book i have ever read. Same here.