The Art of Lucid Dreaming: Chapters Ten - Twelve

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It was incredible I could change what I was dreaming about, but still living the dream or waking up if wanted to. I am totally ignorant to this concept but am rereading this. Does music have any affect on Lucid Dreaming? I love lucid dreams! I found that making a habit of checking and double checking a digital watch during waking hours carried over to dreams and helped me realize I was dreaming. Monitoring light levels also helps since my dreams are only able to get so bright. One of the best way to be able to recall dreams is not awake naturally, not to the sound of an alarm clock.

Keep your eyes closed and lie very still for a few minutes recalling the dream. Then very slowly roll onto your side and write down as much about the dream as possible. Tim, thanks for posting this. Is Huperzine the same as Galantamine? I find that I can only use it once per week max, otherwise my body gets used to it, and it loses its effect. Also, I wake up and take the Galantamine about hours after going to sleep.

Taking it at the start of the night is a waste of time, since most REM and the best dreams are towards the end of the night. One other thing — Vitamin B6 about 25 to 50mg helps. You can get B complex vitamins in a V8 vegetable juice drink which makes a healthy night-cap which also helps send you off to lucid land. I often find myself driving down the same streets in some hypothetical version of a town.

Drawing maps of those streets in my dream journal helps reinforce the dream imagery in my mind, which makes it easier to recognize the tell-tale imagery to help me go lucid. Oh — one last thing. A little verbose, but it has some helpful concepts and imagery. Have you seen it? Ha Ha Ha i love how you mention sex binges because that is the very first thing that anyone thinks of when they learn about lucid dreaming. Regardless, lucid dreaming was discussed and a method of inducing it is as follows: Write a big L and R on your left and right hands or just any marks , and consistently throughout the day look at the marks on your hands so you develop the habit.

I suffer from Delayed sleep phase syndrome and the melatonin helps me sleep when nothing else does. I still remember most of my dreams though, just woke up from one actually, I was playing golf with gnomes in the woods and there was some real funky music playing in the background. Reminds me of the classic song by Queensryche, Silent Lucidity that drove me to getting my commercial pilots license.

Unlock Mysteries with Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley - Get Yourself Optimized

I was just looking into lucid dreaming after reading your sleep post the other day. A tip for dream recall: Before opening your eyes, try to remember 3 specific instances from your dreams. Use a mnemonic to keep them all straight. Wow, what a coincidence.

For some reason flying is really hard for me. All i can do is really high jumps.

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Once i was flying take-off from a building but i then spotted a pool and dived in. It takes a bit of motivation and effort to do it though, and the last months i was too lazy and busy with other things. One reality check i always do is look at my hand.

In dreams it usually has fingers this is the case for everybody btw, for some reason hands look really distorted in dreams. This is a good introductory post, though like you said, it covers the basics. People who already did some research on it, will not find anything new. Talking to yourself in your ludic dream also works good to extend the lucidity duration.

Making a piroutte never really worked for me, it makes the scene too chaotic. Great post. Neither fast asleep, nor fully awake.

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Funny thing is — that these solutions never present themselves when I am fully awake, and they are always bang on target. Very very apt for the situation.

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Is there a way in which I can control this? I love the fact that this happens — but I want to be able to get to that level where I can decide when to have the answers — and when not.

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Can you provide a few more references e. That would be awesome. Great post! Knowing that lucid dreaming is more than a form of entertainment means a lot! You forgot to mention about the movie, Vanilla Sky. Anyone interested in lucid dreaming should watch it. Personally, Vanilla Sky is my best ever movie. Good point. I have found this as well, and had my most extended lucid dreams at first on Saturdays and Sundays as a result.

There are a few other methods of lucid dreaming. One theory right now which is relatively new and often criticized is WILD. The theory goes: lay on your back for as long as possible. Your body will tell you to roll over or move, and even make it painful not to do so.


Interview with Ted Esser

This is simply a test. Your brain wants to be sure that you are actually asleep, and if you were mentally unconscious, you would not roll over even though there is some discomfort. If you can resist the signals your brain is telling you to roll over or change positions, you can supposedly enter a dream-like state from being awake Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, or WILD.

This is only one technique. Others vary, but the key is to remain calm and allow for complete relaxation. You will go through what can be a very scary stage of hypnagogic hallucinations just before entering a full dream-like state. This happens every time you fall asleep, but you are not usually conscious to remember it. Feeling pressure on your chest, difficulty breathing, sensing the presence of something evil in the room, hearing noises, or other strange sensations can be common.

Do you think only experienced lucid dreamers should attempt this. It sounds kind of scary! Lie flat on your back as you mentioned on a firm surface. I used a comforter on the carpeted floor to avoid pressure points. Palms facing down and arms at your sides but not touching your body. It is important that you do not move your body. Mentally flex your toes but do not physically flex your toes. It sounds weird but is easy to do.

See a Problem?

Hold the flex as you slowly count back in your head from 10 and relax your toes for ten. Repeat the steps on body parts as you move up towards the top of your head. Keep it symmetrical. Right and left side at the same time. I found it helpful to use small increments of my body when I started.

Each toe, etc. My first dream was about leaping through the air over a small town. Every leap higher and further. For me there was a scary feeling of excitement.

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I tried doing the sex thing but for me it felt scripted and too familiar. Jumping over small towns was a first. I guess my starting point is an unusual one: I never rememeber my dreams. Going to sleep with the intention of dreaming and becoming lucid and then writing down anything I could remember in the morning helped me. So far you have inspired me to quit my job and move abroad and so now I am loving life in Bangkok and now I fear you will have me having sex with Megan Foxx within the next 24 hours.

Tim I salute your awesomeness. My main problem seems to be dream recall. My family has a lot of lucid dreamers. I find it very relaxing and wake up refreshed than a non-lucid dream.