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YUM , you'll have to use a similar procedure with the appropriate command related to the package manager. Therefore, if you're using OS X Newer versions of the Apple operating system Lion Depending of the operating system and hardware or software you'll use with Arachno SoundFont, you may have to use specific drivers or settings for best performance.

Please read further on for more information about recommended drivers or tweaks, depending of your needs. The SoundFont 2. Later on, I also found that the latest versions of the SynthFont software synthesizer were pretty solid as well read further on for more details. Creative Labs is sadly known for producing randomly buggy drivers for their soundcards. Over the years, I've experienced several painful bugs and flaws with SoundFont reproduction.

Depending of the hardware and operating system combination, these glitches may be more or less annoying, and more or less difficult to fix. The most annoying and frequent glitch I always experienced with hardware SoundFont synthesizers is related to polyphony. When playing a moderately complex MIDI file using a "big" SoundFont file more than 32 MB , rendering may suffer from "dropouts"; concretely, it means that some notes are simply skipped, or muted, when there are too much sounds to be played at the same time, even more when using the biggest polyphony-hungry instruments.

Another bug often reported by SoundFont users: playing with SoundFont often leads to unwanted noises e. I never had this problem with my Sound Blaster Live! As far as I know and read , it sounds like a PCI-bus related issue.

Arachno SoundFont - Version - English Documentation

For a Sound Blaster Live! These drivers fixed the above-mentioned "dropping notes" issue, but "clicks" can be heard instead on parts where you'd have note dropouts with previous drivers. Still not perfect, but this is the best workaround I could find. Moreover, these drivers can be used with the usual Creative applications e. AudioHQ if you install the E-MU driver package first, and the Creative package afterwards don't forget to uncheck the Drivers checkbox in the setup program to avoid replacing E-MU drivers with the Creative variants.

As I never owned any Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard EMU10K2 processor , I can't tell you if the above-mentioned issues have been partially or totally fixed with the latest drivers available. However, according to Luke Sena's Titanic SoundFont documentation, these issues have been almost fixed back in late revision at this time.

If you have any experience to share about SoundFont support on Audigy cards, don't hesitate to drop me a line: Contact me. Even with the latest drivers from Creative or Auzentech, I still experience annoying note dropouts. As with previous soundcards, the problem has been submitted to Creative a long time ago, but, as far as I know, nothing has been done yet! If you have any experience to share on SoundFont support with X-Fi cards, don't hesitate to do so as well. My best recommendation would be to participate on Creative forums: there's an open thread about the note dropouts issue on X-Fi cards.

These drivers offer interesting features for musicians, but may lack some of the "user-friendly" side of the official drivers. Unfortunately, these drivers are not available for X-Fi cards. On older versions of Windows and Sound Blaster hardware, you may experience some difficulties to load Arachno SoundFont.

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These can be caused by a memory limitation of the operating system known as the paged pool size. You can try to solve this issue by changing the PagedPoolSize in the Windows registry. Many thanks to him!

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WARNING: modifying the Windows registry improperly can lead to serious software failures that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Use the information provided at your own risk, and only if you know what you're doing. Finely tweaking the settings of your soundcard is mandatory to obtain the best sound output, and most importantly, the sound that will better suit your tastes and needs. All SoundFont-enabled soundcards come with an integrated audio processor that can add effects to all outputs, including MIDI.

You should first try to play with the predefined environments provided by Creative e. Auditorium , Concert Hall , etc. These settings should also be compatible with Audigy variants. Note: if you have some setting files you'd like to share, feel free to do so: Contact me.

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If your soundcard doesn't offer any SoundFont-compatible synthesizer, you can use a software synthesizer to reproduce MIDI files with a SoundFont bank. Among all software synthesizers and music editors available on the market, many are compatible with SoundFont technology.

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  7. This documentation will cover usage of the Arachno SoundFont with the following software synthesizers:. From my own experience, they are the most complete and accurate software SoundFont synthesizers available today. And, most importantly, they're FREE. BASSMIDI Driver comes with a small setup interface to configure the very few options offered by the software synthesizer: master volume control, default system MIDI device depending of your Windows version , and a dedicated tab to load the SoundFonts into the synthesizer.

    Moreover, it can reproduce most MIDI files with the same overall quality as a hardware SoundFont synthesizer like those provided with Creative Sound Blaster cards , without any limitation related to polyphony! However, you should note that BASSMIDI Driver works in dynamic caching mode regardless of which caching mode you've chosen for your Creative hardware synths , which may result to some perceptible latency while loading some big presets on MIDI files using many Program Change events to switch, while playing, from one instrument to another on a given track.

    As a result, this document will only give you some advice for MIDI playing purposes, based on my own experience.

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    Therefore, you'll hardly notice any difference between these two solutions while playing files; however, each synthesizer comes with its own design choices and extra features which might help you to choose which one you'll need. Here is a summary of all significant differences I could find between two given versions of each synthesizer:.

    Reminder : these facts are based on my own experience and might not be applicable to all versions of VirtualMIDISynth, or Windows itself. This documentation will only cover the main SynthFont software. The playback can be sent to your speakers or recorded as an audio file e. WAV, MP3. One of the biggest strengths of SynthFont being its accuracy. From my own experience, it can reproduce many MIDI files without significant flaws, with the same overall quality as the hardware SoundFont synthesizer provided with Creative Sound Blaster cards - and, most importantly, without any limitation related to polyphony! It means that you can reproduce very complex MIDI files without suffering from note cuts or dropouts, like a hardware synthesizer, as long as you have enough RAM and CPU power to do so.

    SynthFont has many features you can play with. This section will help you to use it in a somewhat advanced manner. Note: this document will only cover parts of all features available. For more information on all SynthFont features not covered here e. You can apply most of them on individual MIDI tracks while listening to the file, so you can hear the results instantly. Then, choose the MIDI program instrument used by the track to play notes. You can either pickup one of those declared in the MIDI file, or override them. Using VST plugins, you can add various sound effects reverb, chorus, compression, flanger, phaser Then, you can follow the steps below to use them on SynthFont.

    Mega Man Star Force 2 - Part 77: Foreign DX Bosses

    You can now choose to render the MIDI file with all these settings applied as an audio file, to playback it outside of SynthFont. Although not being its primary goal, Arachno SoundFont can also be used as a sample bank in many SoundFont-compatible audio and music editors. Given the huge amount of audio software available, this topic will not be covered in this documentation. Reminder: You're free to use Arachno SoundFont in any of your projects. But, please be aware that I can't recommend any commercial use of Arachno SoundFont, as it uses sounds from other libraries or authors that might not authorize commercial use of their work.

    Refer to the Preset list and Copyright information and credits sections below for copyright and license information. Besides this feature, it can also mute or solo some MIDI channels while playing to focus on a particular instrument, or display karaoke information from compatible MIDI files. Associated with a system-wide SoundFont synthesizer hardware provided by your soundcard, or by some software synthesizer solution like SyFon , it's a must-have for any MIDI enthusiast. These are either original MIDI tracks from video games or other media or MIDI reproductions "covers" of famous songs, movie and video game soundtracks.

    Although having been selected for their good compatibility with Arachno SoundFont, some of these files might sound strange on a SoundFont synthesizer, especially those carrying advanced effects, such as Roland GS or Yamaha XG tracks. Some of these files are explicitly mentioned in the Preset list section; for your convenience, these files have been also summed up in the list below.