Silent Legacy

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You are digging for the answers Until your fingers bleed To satisfy the hunger To satiate the need They feed you on the guilt To keep you humble keep you low Some man and myth they made up A thousand years ago.

Silent Legacy - Melissa Etheridge - 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands - 2-26-2019

Mothers tell your children Be quick you must be strong Life is full of wonder Love is never wrong Remember how they taught you How much of it was fear Refuse to hand it down The legacy stops here. Genius Lyrics.

Melissa Etheridge. Yes I Am. Silent Legacy. Please tell me you didn't just say that. It's not. Sex is something that should be feared?

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It brings with it teen pregnantsy which ruins young peoples lives up every day. It also comes with the danger of catching diseases. The words moral and sexual don't belong in the same sentence.


The implimentation of Christians is rotten? I'd say the parade of partner swapping is whats rotten. You know, if your gay ur gay, and thats all cool.

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But if your going to sit there and say crap like that then here we go. The only problem I see with the gay community is that love doesn't exsist. That God that sent his son to die for your sins did that to show you how much he loves you.

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If you wanna be gay cool, just learn how to actually love each other and find the one you LOVE and stop all this jumping around from one to an other. If you only understand how much God loves you. Even with all your stupid stuff you wrote and probably do, he STILL loves you and will be there for you. Why, I dont understand but, its not for me to understand. Thats yours and his business. But lay off the christians. They don't hate you.

The hate what you do. Is it right?

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Silent Legacy

General Comment I love Melissa's music, her songs are incredible. This one speaks to me the most. It is such an accurate picture of our society. MajickM hotmail. General Comment It sucks thinkin' thinking one should have to live this way.

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General Comment Hummm, my last entry does not make much sense, maybe it was the Southern Comfort. I raised a Son, a most precious gift. I knew I was the artist of this perfectly clean canvas. I was the one to choose what went on this canvas.

The Silent Legacy A Story Untold

I choose NOT to raise my Son in fear of this most pathetic, selfish, evil, jealous god. I taught him every and all religions so he could make his own knowledgeable desision. This song came out when my Son came of age. Melissa is a very wise women and a excellent song writer. General Comment It's about being gay in the 20th century when it was still considered a taboo and shameful thing to be.