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The magic of cinema is timeless. It never ends. Unwind and catch up with friends over aromatic tea and coffee and buttery biscuits as you get ready to be transported to another reality.

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Relax as we dim the lights, raise the curtain and bring the screen leaping to life. Inspiring biopics. Laugh-out-loud comedies. Ageless romances. Let us take you there. A wedding? An anniversary? A birthday? A sports championship? The ending of the Iran hostage crisis? There is nothing particularly inventive here other than the cleverness of creating a pop song out of the word "celebration" itself. This was a No. Do you want a romantic moment at the party, but you don't really want to slow things down?

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Many music fans would be surprised to learn that the words of appreciation of female anatomy " Brick House " originate with a woman, Shirley Hanna-King, wife of the Commodores' William King. The song went clear to the pop top 5. Its unapologetically funky instrumental track has kept it a party classic since its release. Whether or not Miley Cyrus personally relates to the lyrics of this massive hit , plenty of pop fans do feel a resonance in the words about relating to a new place.

Jessie J helped write the song, and it started her on the path to her own success as an artist. What happens when you combine folk, techno, and bluegrass music? It goes something like this hit, from Swedish dance-pop group Rednex. The song itself has its origins in the pre—Civil War U. Today "Cotton Eye Joe" remains popular as a line dance and special event pick. Few pop hits are so successful at moving listeners to get up and dance along. The song manages to cut a swath across genres from rock to country , appealing to a wide audience.

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Plenty of fun memories can be associated with the song, which makes it an outstanding choice for celebrations and special events. The Bay City Rollers may not be well remembered today if it were not for their one massive U. The song encourages pure escapism. It was reportedly written in less than two hours and became an instant club and party classic on its way to No. It also works well as a celebration song, accentuated by the party of wall-to-wall people depicted in the video. This was Cyndi Lauper's debut solo single, and it went all the way to No.

It's all about a party at the hotel, with a big helping of sexual seduction. Teddy Riley's masterpiece, the slowly swaying " No Diggity " was a No. It features rapping and production from Dr.

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Dre and is a sly, sexy addition to any party soundtrack. The big No.

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It incorporates Jamaican and Caribbean elements for an international flair. The song has been performed at disparate events: the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and at the Nobel Peace Prize concert. Unlike some of the other pop hits from the film, "Greased Lightnin'" did originate with the Broadway musical version of "Grease. As the story goes, "Play That Funky Music" originated from the unsolicited advice the band received while they played mostly rock music in bars. An audience member said, "Play some funky music, white boy. The song is durable and is heard frequently as a party anthem.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce join forces on " Telephone. Lyrically, "Telephone" is about being harassed by phone calls while trying to enjoy being at a club, but Lady Gaga says in a broader sense it is about feeling suffocated by requests to work harder and harder. There is some controversy among the principal songwriters of " Summer of '69 " as to exactly what the title refers to. Bryan Adams was only 9 years old in and claims it is a sexual metaphor.

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His songwriting partner Jim Vallance disagrees, seeing other possible inspirations, such as the film "Summer of ' It is catchy enough for young audiences while guaranteed to please fans of the classic songs "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama," both referenced in the recording. It is also likely to raise a smile and a laugh at any party. Keep this one handy when you need a chortle and fond memories from revelers of a certain age.

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  • The frenetic concoction was a top 15 pop hit. The Doobie Brothers played "Long Train Runnin'" in various forms for three years before recording it. Armed with a massive guitar riff and rhythm track that foreshadowed the coming of disco, it remains a great retro '70s party song. Gaining its greatest success through its inclusion on the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack, " Disco Inferno " takes its cue also from the hit movie "The Towering Inferno.

    The hip-hop and funk blend is a party classic. The song includes a variety of samples from other songs, and in turn it has been sampled widely in more recent music. It was a top 5 pop hit in the United Kingdom and a top 10 dance hit in the United States. The song was featured prominently in the animated film "Madagascar. As the song says, there are women with big butts, and there are men who appreciate them. MTV's initial ban of the accompanying video only helped the song gain public attention. The song went clear to No. It also spawned a string of songs appreciating this aspect of female anatomy and has been a party classic for decades.

    It went to No. Decades years later it remains a singalong party classic revived recently as a top hit from the TV show "Glee.

    High school dances in the s were often referred to as "the hop. The song stayed at No.

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    It regained popularity after being performed by Sha Na Na at Woodstock in and then being included on the soundtrack to the movie "American Graffiti" in Unfortunately for the Bangles, one of their least favorite of their recordings is one of their most memorable. The ultra-catchy "Walk Like an Egyptian" landed at No. It has just enough novelty and a call for physical involvement that it makes an enduring party song. Destiny's Child invite you to party with them at a club.

    Can you resist? This song, urgently depicting the party atmosphere, went to No. Toss together admiration of the female anatomy with a driving, club-ready beat, and you have instant party fun. In one of the two versions, the song went to No. This tune is sure to generate a peak dance moment at any party. In case you ever wondered about the source of that squeal that so effectively ups the intensity of "Jump Around," it is a saxophone sample from "Shoot Your Shot" by Jr. House of Pain's hip-hop hit is a favorite for generating energy and encouraging everyone to, well, "jump around.

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    • I think on a love and sexual level, it gets better. At the Emmys last weekend for her Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, Fonda, with her hair swept off her face in a high ponytail and wearing a hot pink gown, looked like a Barbie doll and had everyone in awe. Fonda plays a vibrator entrepreneur in the show. Still, the Barbarella beauty is the first to admit that as you grow older there are responsibilities with being a grandparent and parent that you have to embrace.

      Ultimately Addie takes a tough decision. Redford concurs. As time goes on you realize you have a responsibility to take care of them. Not only to take care of them, but to give them love, to give them humour, maybe give them adventure, if you can. They were too busy thinking about their own lives. Can I retrieve it?