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I seem to remember quite a lot of blood - but maybe it was only tomato sauce. Fowler is willing to have a go at any style of writing, from the Arabian Nights-type fable of the man who was obliged to wind the sultan's thousand clocks, to the Kafka-esque nightmare of The Cages, with its portrayal of humanity as so many battery chickens, to Spanky's Back in Town, whose elegantly demonic central character wouldn't be out of place in an Anne Rice novel.

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Personal Demons

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Most Read in News. Latest News. Matt Doherty on target as Wolves earn first Premier League win of the season See, it works like this: You have memories from every stage of your life. But how do you share the painful memories you collected over the years? Do you share them with anybody?

Inner Demons - Chapter 1 - serendipity_50 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

Are you even willing to look at them or are you pretending they are not there? The danger of ignoring them is that you become tangled up in your own past and your demons become bigger and more frightening as the time goes on. Now, you are creating your own private hell with no way out.

They are only dangerous in certain situations or conversations and they influence every aspect of your life. Think about it: if you have unresolved issues with your parents, how open can you be with a partner?

Personal Demons, by Christopher Fowler (Serpent's Tail, £8.99 in UK)

If you experienced abuse in any shape of form, how much do you trust an act of kindness? If you were bullied, how does that affect your friendships? Visualize all those hurtful and negative emotions in a backpack. You have a choice to look and deal with all those unresolved issues and resentment and find happiness. Your demons are scary.

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Keep shining light on them from different angles and they will eventually resolve. Forgiving is letting go; it is refusing to carry the burden with you in the backpack. It is giving yourself the gift of traveling light and enjoying your life.

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