Mohair Bell Hat Knitting Pattern - 5 Sizes Included

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Here are some ideas: Dog so many breeds to choose from! Note that the knee high sock chart has more room for plotting out your animal face since that sock is wider at the top than the ankle sock. You can make either sock length in any size to enter though! If you want to use your own yarn choice, that is acceptable too! Do I need to do a heel design like the pattern has? Can I make modifications to the pattern?

This past December, I had the honor of traveling out to Ft. Collins, Colorado home of Interweave Knitting to film two knitting courses for their online learning platform, Craft University.

2. Chunky Cloche Hat

I am so grateful to have had this amazing opportunity to teach! I was in Ft. These courses are now available on the Interweave site! The first step in this process was months of preparation. First, I had to create an extensive outline for each course, outlining what topics would be covered, what the key learning points would be for each and every video, an estimate of how long each video would be, what items I would need on set for each video, and exactly what I would say.

This part took a while! Once I had the course outlines down, the next step was reaching out to a few yarn and knitting needle companies for support on the materials end of creating these courses.

Cloche hat pattern

Knit Picks also provided yarn for a show and tell video that we made showing various types of yarns, and provided their super cool Chart Keeper that I used during my cables course so we could read through the cable chart together. For example, when I was teaching my Bra Top Tutorial , I just knitted the bra top off camera, and stopped every so often to film what I was doing at places where I wanted to show special techniques. When you are on TV, or for a course like this where everything has to be filmed in a condensed amount of time, you have to knit everything ahead of time in steps.

For example, when I was teaching the hat, I had to knit it at 3 stages — after the ribbing portion was finished and we were ready to knit the main part of the hat, at the point where we were ready to start decreasing for the crown of the hat, and up to the last few rows of the hat so that we could finish the hat together.

As you can see below, each item was knit up to 2 or 3 points in the pattern so that when teaching in the video, I could seamlessly move from demonstrating one technique to the next without stopping to knit up to the next point which, as you know, could take hours! She has to make her way into every photo! After all of the knitting was done, the next step was to put together Girly Knits patterns for each of the new designs I was teaching, and writing up multiple course handouts for the students to reference during the course.

I just love teaching knitting and get so excited about someone learning for the first time, so I had a lot of fun with this.

Cloche hat pattern

And then of course the very very last step was getting a gel manicure right before I flew out so that my nails would look nice and pretty for their close ups! I flew out there on a Monday, and the first day was just for me to unpack and get acquainted with the set.

This was my first time doing anything like this aside from being a guest on Knitting Daily TV , so it was really nice to have a chance to set myself up for the next morning and get organized rather than jump right in. They had a green room set up for me with a little welcome sign and plenty of space to put all of my things, so I felt right at home.

The next morning, the first course of action was getting beautified, woohoo! Interweave has a fabulous makeup artist Keegan, who actually specializes in doing bridal makeup! She also airbrushed my face which was a first for me and super fun! Next step…filming! This was very different because there were quite a few people watching, I had to release control over how it was edited, and we did most segments in one take. If I made a a flub or mistake, I just corrected it and kept going! Despite my fear of speaking in front of people and being shy, I love being on camera!

Once we did the first segment I felt totally at ease and in the zone. Below is a candid moment with Lindsay, the producer, and Garrett the camera man trying on one of my hats — the Large size is perfect for a man! Filming on this set was really neat because as you might be able to tell from the photos, there were multiple cameras on me at all times, including one above me to get close in shots of me knitting.

So I could just do my thing while Garrett made sure to get close up shots of whatever I was talking about or doing. Lindsay was in the control room watching all 3 camera angles to make sure that everything was shot nicely and that everything I was saying and doing was clear for the students.

How to Crochet a CLOCHE HAT, adult size

We made a great team! In addition to teaching the courses, we made a fun you tube video of me showing how to make a mini garter stitch bow that you can pin in your hair. The finished video is now on you tube and you can check it out here! Lastly, Interweave had their in house photographer take some up close photos of me demonstrating casting on, knitting, and purling for the students to reference after watching the videos. The photos came out really neat!

They have an adorable downtown where we did beer tasting at a local brewery, had a delicious dinner, and got to enjoy the festive holiday decor. I hope you enjoyed getting a peek behind what goes into filming an online knitting course, and if you have any more questions about the process, ask away! So back in January I sent out a newsletter with a survey asking you what you wanted to learn about though video. So much so that I decided to design a whole collection of all socks! This collection includes everything from adorable animal socks, to sweet cable heart motifs, to lace frilly trims, to an amazing heart knee patch!

Each pattern in the collection includes 3 different options to suit your preferences, cause you know a girls gotta have options!

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The animal socks feature 3 different animal options within each pattern, while the cable knit socks feature 3 different sock lengths within each pattern. They all come in girls and adult sizes, have helpful photo and video tutorials in the pattern, and include lots of information to make them a perfect fit for you or your recipient.

Knitting Books

Treat your feet to all that is sweet with these adorable animal socks! These socks come in every size to accommodate the whole family, from 3 years old to adult, so no one will be left without a set of cuddly critters! The socks are knit from the toe up with the option of adding a contrast toe and heel for extra style. Learn more about this pattern here!

You can count on everyone checking you out when you rock these amazingly awesome animal knee high socks! Not only will people admire your extraordinary knitting talent, they will be complimenting you on how adorable you look too! This super fun sock pattern features 3 animals to choose from, including a Cat, an Owl, and a Panda Bear. Sizes are included from child to adult so the whole family can be in on the fun.

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I hope you have a hoot making these socks! Learn more about this pattern here. Get ready to head down to the derby with these super fun and fabulous color blocked socks! These socks are perfect for embracing your inner roller girl, or expressing your sporty yet sweet self. The heart knee patch will keep your knees styling and safe with the extra layer of love and protection it provides, and the seed stitch panels will flatter your lovely legs. Each sock uses the same colors in slightly different ways for a fun and quirky mis-matched look, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd in these socks!

These socks come in ankle, knee high, and over the knee length in a girls and adult size to give you lots of options, woohoo! Indulge in your love for all things girly and that part of your heart that will always stay young, with these adorable lace trim socks!

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  • These super sweet knitted leg treats feature a seed stitch heart cable pattern running up the back of your leg and a faux toe seam for ultimate charm. They are finished off with a knitted lace placket with buttons, which will look super cute peeking out of your boots! They come in every length from ankle, to knee high, to over the knee to suit your sock length preferences, in all sizes from girls to adult.

    Knit with Knit Picks Hawthorne Sport in vibrant variegated shades, all of your girly desires will be met with these gorgeous socks! Treat your legs to luxury with these fabulous cable knit socks! This sock pattern will not only make your legs irresistible, it is an irresistible knit too!

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    • This pattern includes options to knit these socks in ankle, knee high, or over the knee length to suit your sock wearing preferences. This design also gives you multiple yarn choices to choose from, from the super warm Patons Kroy Socks, to the light and breezy Knit Picks Stroll, to the gorgeous and breathable Knit Picks Hawthorne Kettle Dyed. And if you have never knit socks before, have no fear! This video tutorial walks you through all of the special techniques used for knitting toe up socks which are the exact techniques I used for all of these patterns. Today I am super excited to teach you how to knit toe up socks!

      This cast on will create a seamless toe, and the stitches are ready to knit like normal as soon as you cast on! Increase for the Toe — I show you my favorite way to increase for the toe, by knitting into the front and back of the first and last stitch on each side of the sock.

      A total of 4 increases are made for each increase round, which will occur every other round until the total number of stitches for the foot are reached. After increasing for the Toe, you will just be knitting in the round until you are ready to start the heel. You generally want to start the heel when the sock measures 1. Short Row Heel — I love this heel method because it creates a really clean, simple heel.

      Short rows are used to turn the heel so that you can start knitting the leg of the sock. If you are scared of knitting short rows, have no fear — I walk you through every step of the heel in the video! After working the short row heel, you are ready to knit in the round again until you reach your desired height of sock! Suitable for boys or girls. Pattern is for coat, pants, bonnet and bootees. It is suitable for experienced knitters. Can be knit in either 4 Ply or DK Wool.

      You will receive a quality photocopy of the pattern. The size of the kitty will be either 7" or 9". All 4 are made from the one pattern. The sizes on the pattern depend on the wool and needles used, all the details below are also included on the pattern instructions. A witch, mummy, bat, cat, pumpkin, spider, eyeball and ghost. For a Halloween Wreath which includes instructions to make.