Investing in Your Childs Future: Financial Planning for Your Childs Education

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Education funds are special funds to help save for children's education.

If you are considering an education fund you should check the following to make sure these funds fit your long term financial plan. You should compare the features of an education fund with other investments such as term deposits and managed funds. In particular compare:. Saver Plus is a program to help families on low incomes develop a savings habit and improve financial skills.

How to save and invest for your child's education

Saver Plus can help you set a savings goal and help you reach it. If you need help with a financial plan to save for your children's education, or if you need more information about education funds, consider getting financial advice from a qualified financial adviser. Let your children know your savings plan. It's important they understand the benefit of long-term saving.

Two things every parent should know while planning for child education - The Economic Times

You could even open a savings account and teach them to deposit their pocket money in it. For more information see teaching kids about money. Education is important but expensive. There are many things you can do now to help secure your children's educational future.

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It costs Rs 23 lakh now. If your child aims to go to the US for higher education, consider the rate of education inflation around 5 percent in the US and the foreign exchange rate movement in the US dollar and Indian rupee. We inflate the goal value by 9 percent to factor in both these factors, says Dhawan.

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Though the numbers may look simple, do not forget to add on other lifestyle costs. Financial planners advise staying away from child focussed products as many of these come with problems such as high costs, stringent conditions about payoffs, lack of intermittent liquidity among others.

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For example, we come across many child plans that promise to pay in instalments when the child reaches the age of 18, 20 or The issue is education related payments may not happen at that time and one may have to run from pillar to post to tide over intermittent cash needs. One may be forced to take costly short-term personal loans. It is one of the best investment options available for a girl child as it pays the highest tax-free rate of interest with a sovereign guarantee.

But the payoffs take place when the girl child turns 18 and 21 years of age.

If your lock-in period does not let you shift your money to safer fixed income options well ahead of your financial goal, there is a chance that you will see the corpus value erode if there is a massive correction in the market. It is better to start with two important numbers — the future value of the goal and the time on hand. Consider a situation wherein an individual has planned for graduation in an Indian institute and post-graduation in an overseas institute, but the reverse happens. Individuals should make contingency plans and put together a child education fund that helps them tide over financial crunches easily.

How to Plan for your Children's Education

But such funds or plans would prove to be most helpful if, at times of emergencies, they come with a provision of partial withdrawal. Appointing a responsible person as a nominee would prove useful in the event of the death of parents or guardians.

How to lower the cost of higher education.

Hence, it is very important to choose a nominee who can be relied upon, because they would be responsible for getting the claim amount until their child turns into an adult. To ensure that you plan a better education for your child, make it a point to review your financial strategies. This directly helps them to adjust their investments, savings and strategies accordingly and helps them maintain sync.

Besides following these rules, parents should adopt a financial plan that will help them and their children face a crisis with ease. Embracing a comprehensive child education plan will not only help to reduce doubts but will also help eliminate fears that arise due to financial insecurity. Login Invest Now Invest Now.

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Investing in Your Child's Future: Financial Planning for Your Child's Education

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