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Oct 21, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: nonfiction , theology-spirituality , the-very-old-book-club. I didn't love reading this book, although I did enjoy Philip Yancey's introduction and several portions of the book itself have stuck with me. The book was written by Dr. Paul Brand, a renowned hand surgeon and leprosy expert. In it, Dr. We change our grip, stride, gait, etc. He then states that the church the body of Christ needs the same adaptation.

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We fail to redistribute stress by putting too much pressure on our leaders pastors, missionaries and, when they fall short, we respond with rejection instead of giving them a chance to "limp. Brand's decades in India treating leprosy patients. I really liked the story, again from the "pain" chapters, where Dr. Brand recounts the story of Pedro, who was one of the rare leprosy patients who lacked sensation of pain in his left hand for 15 years, yet the hand suffered no damage pain being a protective mechanism of the body that leprosy patients lack and, as a result, suffer substantial disfiguring injuries.

As it turned out, Pedro had a tiny birthmark on the edge of his palm that retained its sensitivity. This single spot, viewed as a defect when he was a child, protected his whole hand when he developed leprosy. Brand then stated the need for what has become a large and institutional church to retain similar patches of sensitivity, for "prophets, whether in speech, sermon, or art form, who will call attention to the needy by eloquently voicing their pain. Brand related the physiology of "wise blood" a Flannery-O'Conner-coined term that refers to the process by which, after antibodies have locked away the secret of defeating each disease, a second infection of the same type will normally do no harm to communion.

Brand writes of both: There is a sense in which a person's blood becomes more valuable and potent as that person prevails in numerous battles with outside invaders. The blood of Jesus Christ has overcome.

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It is as if he went out of his way to expose himself to temptation, to encounter the stress and strain you and I will meet -- to gain wise blood for our benefit. Reading this book brings a whole new way of understanding God's designs in the human body. The metaphorical writing reveals comparisons between both spiritual health, and physical.

The author pointed out unique perspectives that I would have never considered had I not read the book. Although, as a young person who has been newly introduced to the subject of biology and health, I at times would have appreciated a more simplistic method of understanding basic facts. Nevertheless the book has red Reading this book brings a whole new way of understanding God's designs in the human body.

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Nevertheless the book has redeemed itself in my eyes, simply because it never claimed to be a "health textbook" boggled down with various facts and rules. It is eloquent and illuminating, giving its readers the opportunity to appreciate life's parallels, revealing God's omnipotence in the way we are created. Overall, an interesting read! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Very good and sophisticated read.

Paul Brand and Phillip Yancey co-wrote this book in the first person of Dr. Brand, using Dr. Brand's medical knowledge and experience to explain the interworkings of the human body and parrellel those to the body of Christ. Through learning about he human body, for me, this really brought some good insight into understanding what the incarnation and crucifiction mean to our faith, what it really means to us to be a part of the body of Christ and how we shoul Very good and sophisticated read.

Through learning about he human body, for me, this really brought some good insight into understanding what the incarnation and crucifiction mean to our faith, what it really means to us to be a part of the body of Christ and how we should function as the body of Christ. Sep 23, Pam rated it it was amazing. Blood equals life, thus God's emphasis on it in Bible, tourniquet arm, when blood flows Dec 16, brianne rated it it was amazing. This book was such an incredible depiction of God's creation of us- and the connection of the mind, body, and spirit.

Brand does an amazing job at making these deep insightful connections of the body from his medical standpoint, to the mind, and to the soul, and how it all points back to God and shows His glory. Jan 05, Kyle Bjorkman rated it really liked it. Provides an interesting look at the human body and the author's view of how it relates to the Trinity. Nov 18, Mike rated it it was amazing.

This is a refreshing read of how our bodies are testimonies to the imagination of Creator God. Jun 27, Nicole rated it it was amazing. Must read..

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And re-read. Sep 01, Rod Innis rated it really liked it. A companion to Fearfully and Wonderfully Made showing the marvels of the human body. Written by a medical doctor. Jan 26, John rated it really liked it. This book, first published in , was a sort of sequel to Dr. Brand devoted almost all of his long medical career to treating lepers, first at a mission hospital in India, and later in Louisiana. Although it is co-written, "In His Image" is written in the first-person, from Dr.

Brand's perspective. If you read this book, you might find yourself in awe of your own body. You might fin This book, first published in , was a sort of sequel to Dr. You might find yourself agreeing with the phrase "fearfully and wonderfully made," which would have been a perfect title for this book if Brand and Yancey hadn't already used it for their first book.

And if you're a Christian, you'll probably come to the conclusion that the Apostle Paul's metaphor of the Christian community being the body and Christ the head was more apt and profound than you ever realized before. The descriptions of the way the body works are amazing; the anecdotes from Dr. Brand's practice gripping. The chapters on pain are particularly compelling, given the fact that Dr. Brand devoted his life to treating people who can't feel pain and suffer greatly as a consequence.

Yes, pain is a good thing. He shows great respect for what most of us think as irritants. Consider his thoughts about a blister that came upon him while gardening: My dermis, formerly mashed flat and vulnerable, now has soothing relief from stress as the forces of my spade are gently absorbed by this new structure.

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Such an adaptation can easily go unappreciated or, worse, be viewed with irritation. But it is a startling phenomenon, requiring the coordination of millions of cells. Reading "In His Image" was refreshing, particularly in comparison with some of the other books I've read lately. They definitely are two different books, but certainly the subject matter is the same. I would say that "Fearfully" is not quite as good as "In His Image," but if I had read them in the proper order, I would have said that "In His Image" was even better than "Fearfully," and that would have been more apt.

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These books even helped me as a health journalist. Reading them was like a mini-course in anatomy, and a very well-taught one. My favorite quote from the book is actually from G. Chesterton, cited in Chapter 10, "Freedom": "The more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild. Aug 23, Sumitra Naidu rated it really liked it. Pain is important. We always want to be recognized when we suffer in pain.

Many times we instinctively accuse God of not knowing our pain but looking on Jesus, we know God took on the limitations of time and space, pain and sorrow.

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When He healed people, Jesus chose not to perform miracles en masse, but rather one by one, touching each person he healed individually. Jesus was setting right what had been disrupted. When Jesus rose again, He appeared to His disciples in a changed body than one that hung on a cross. But His scars remained. He carried with Him remembrances of His visit to earth in the form of scars.

He absorbed pain and the wounded image of humanity on Himself. Our pain became His. The same way we also carry His death, so that His resurrection may also be revealed in our body. Read this a long time ago, ! I wish I'd kept my copy with this particular cover.