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Most everyone applying looks similar on paper. Recent years have seen medical school class size increase.

We have seen an increase in osteopathic schools being created to educate more students. This is all to try and prepare for the estimated doctor shortage.

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So good news right? There are only so many seats at available at each school every year and an overabundance of applicants. Taking into account these factors, we can start to get a sense of the demanding task of medical school acceptance. It is a tall order and takes time. Also cited on the AAMC's website was the number of first-time applicants. Which is a subtle way of implying that many students do not receive acceptance on their first application cycle.

These statistics may seem scary, but that is not the intention. Being aware of what to expect allows you to get ready for what's ahead. So all things considered, how hard is it to get into medical school? Getting into medical school is difficult, grueling, strenuous and every other synonym you can think of for difficult combined. The good news is it is totally within your reach. Just because it is difficult does not make it impossible.

Many students have started where you are now and felt all the things you are feeling. Anxious, nervous, overwhelmed are all normal to feel at this point. Do not let it get in the way of your success.

Premed 101: The Roadmap to Becoming a Doctor

You've got this! So let's get started with a solid game plan. Here is what you need to do. You need to prepare early.

How Hard is it to Get Into Medical School? And How Hard is Medical School Actually?

Make a list of all your extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences, and shadowing experiences. How does it look? Are there areas you can improve? Can you maybe squeeze in some more time at a local clinic or maybe doing some volunteer work on the weekends? Review it and double check that you haven't forgotten any work you have done. Maybe you had an interesting experience in rural medicine or volunteered abroad. Try and include relevant activities and ones that are unique.

How to Get Into Medical School - 6 Reasons for Rejection

Get quality letters of recommendation from professors who will write highly of you. A great LOR is better than a good letter any day. Ask your professors early to ensure they have enough time to write you an amazing letter. Next, calculate your GPA both science and cumulative. Are you happy with where your marks are, or is there room for improvement? Stay on top of grades and if you need a tutor get one. When are you taking the MCAT? Your score is important and the fewer attempts you have the better.

Take it when you are ready and when you know you will score well.

Grades Needed to Get Into Medical School

Assess your abilities with a practice test to gauge your progress. Give yourself time to draft a few versions of your personal statement, click here to read examples of successful medical school personal statement. Ask yourself the common question, " Why do you want to be a doctor? Watch out for grammar and spelling mistakes and have everyone you can proofread it.

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I have taken anywhere from a month to six months on personal statements. Do not underestimate this key part of your application. Every aspect of your application is important. Application committees look at every part of your application.

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Give yourself time to craft the absolute best application you can. The event will provide a fantastic opportunity for pupils to learn about making a successful application and the options open to them beyond this. To advise and inform students about the medical school application process and generate interest in a surgical career.

There will be opportunities to hear from a variety of speakers at different stages in their medical careers. Students will gain an insight into the application process from medical students, Junior Doctors, Surgeons and University admissions departments. If you have any questions about this event, please contact us and a member of our Education team will be happy to help you.

However, all the other MD medical schools were roughly the same level of competitiveness as they have been in previous years. The admission rates for becoming an MD are tough, and that is why more people are turning to osteopathic medical schools.

Getting into Medical School -- Medical School & Residency

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