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It's one thing to leave your dog home alone when you've got a quick errand to run. It's a whole other situation when you leave your fur kiddo home for the eight hours or so while you're at work. But it's a pretty common scenario. Most dog owners know the feeling; it's hard not think about the little floofer being all alone basically all day. Are they lonely? Do they have to pee?

Are they mad at you for being gone all the time? But the reality is you have to go to work, so how do you help your dog feel less lonely while you're at work all day? Allison Stadd, vice president of Reach and Affinity for dog toy product company BARK , tells Bustle the company's team of more than "expert dog people" has found that there are actually many ways you can reduce your dog's anxiety and keep them distracted while you're gone. Stadd says that researchers have found that playing Mozart has shown to reduce dogs' stress compared to the TV or radio. Stadd also says you can decrease your pup's anxiety when you leave by acting like it's no big deal.

Don't make a big to-do by saying big goodbyes; just put your shoes on and leave like it's no big thang, says Stadd.

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Or, if you want to make it a positive experience, give your kiddo a treat every time you walk out the door. There are lots of ways to help your dog when you're gone at work all day, so here are a few more options to make your pooch more comfortable. Many of us who love our dogs find it difficult to imagine any legitimate reason for giving them up.

This can be especially life-threatening when a size differential almost guarantees that a smaller dog will be injured — or killed — by a larger dog who plays too roughly or has mayhem in mind.

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This often entails aggressive behavior , but not always. Sometimes an aging dog-lover makes the mistake of replacing her beloved senior dog who recently passed away with a puppy of the same breed, forgetting that she was 15 years younger the last time she had a bouncing adolescent canine underfoot.

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A rowdy dog may also present some physical risk to small children in the home. Good management can often minimize the danger while the child grows and the dog matures and learns his good manners behaviors. Aggression, however, is another matter. Aggression alone is not necessarily a reason to give up your dog.

It is irresponsible parenting and dog-owning, however, to keep a dog who shows a willingness to bite kids in a home with children. A dog with aggressive behaviors presents a risk to the community if the owner is unwilling or unable to take necessary management steps to keep the community and the dog safe. When aggressive behaviors have been identified in a dog, it is critically important that the owners prevent the dog from having any opportunity to bite, and seek assistance from a qualified positive behavior professional for help in managing and modifying the behavior.

Stuff happens. You may have the strongest commitment in the world to your dog, and if life circumstances change and you can truly no longer care for him, then rehoming is the responsible decision. Quality of life is an important consideration for dog and humans. You can choose to make sacrifices in order to provide for your beloved dog, but there may come a legitimate time when the sacrifice is too great, or the challenge too difficult. Some medical procedures now available for dogs cost tens of thousands of dollars.

In those cases, rehoming or even euthanasia may well be the best choice. Sometimes, humans acquire a dog for a specific purpose — to be a service dog, do narcotics detection, or to fulfill some other working or competition goals. In such cases, it may be absolutely necessary, or at least fully justifiable, to return or rehome the unsuitable dog in order to allow the person to seek and select a more appropriate candidate.

Options for Rehoming A Dog It can be a challenging proposition to rehome a dog, especially one with major health or behavior problems. Here are options to consider when you must give up your dog:. Return her to the breeder, shelter, or rescue group you acquired her from. Responsible breeders and adoption organizations contractually require this, although some may allow you to rehome to someone you know that they pre-approve. If you got her from a pet store or puppy mill oh dear , returning is not an option. Place her with a trusted friend or family member. Well-loved, well-behaved, healthy dogs usually have a circle of admirers who would jump at the chance to adopt.

Caveats: Even your best friend or favorite relative may decline to take on a dog with major health or behavior challenges.

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You must be honest about these challenges. Advertise for someone to adopt her. People sometimes have success with rehoming dogs by advertising on Craigslist or with fliers posted on the bulletin board at local pet supply stores or veterinary offices. Social media can be a huge help, too; put together some good pictures and complete description of your dog and the reasons you have to rehome her and ask your friends to share. Take her to a good shelter or rescue. There are thousands of excellent dog adoption services around the country. The best have behavior departments or working relationships with qualified professionals to modify difficult behaviors in order to make dogs more likely to succeed in their next, hopefully final, homes. Not everything is fixable, and responsible groups still have to make difficult euthanasia decisions, but your dog might be one they can help. Have her euthanized. It may not be realistic to ask someone else to care for such a dog, and she could be abused or neglected in the process. Here are some examples from my world, of times when rehoming was necessary, responsible and appropriate. Names are changed to protect the privacy of my clients in all except the first example:. More than a decade ago, my thenyear-old brother had a series of major strokes from which he would never fully recover.

He was placed in a long-term care facility where pets were allowed, but only if the resident could care for them, which my brother was unable to do. When my sisters and I visited Bill, he kept asking for his two well-loved Pomeranians. It broke my heart. I tracked them down — they had been sent to a Pomeranian rescue group — and convinced the rescue via a significant donation to let me rehome the dogs with one of the staff at the facility.

For many years she brought the dogs with her to work and Bill was able to keep them in his life. Although his dogs are gone now, other staff members continue to visit him with their dogs, knowing how much it means to him. A good friend recently purchased an Australian Shepherd puppy from a breeder she thought she had carefully researched.

Imagine her dismay when the week-old pup turned out to have significant fear behaviors — far greater than one should expect if he was simply going through a developmental fear period. After much soul-searching, she returned the pup to the breeder. A client brought her just-adopted adolescent Border Collie-mix to see me because the young dog was acting very fearful of men. Linda had adopted Freddie names changed less than a month prior, and he already had seven biting incidents, including one bite that had broken skin.

She has two small children in her home, but so far the dog had been relaxed and appropriate with kids. Freddie was a delightful dog with many good attributes, and Linda was committed to keeping him, if at all possible.

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A week later during a stressful day in the home, Freddie bit one of the kids — twice. The client was fortunately able to place Freddie in a dog-savvy home with no children despite his bite history. The couple, who were my clients, simply wanted a canine companion they could enjoy and share with friends and family. These cute puppies, however, managed to win over their reluctant masters in no time. Most people who claim not to like these adorable animals will tell you a million reasons why, but sometimes they just need the right family dog to come along, and that's precisely what happened to the Dads you see here.

Whether they disagreed with a particular breed or size, or just insisted on not having pets altogether, they each found themselves in love with their unlikely furry companions eventually. Follow these tail-wagging triumphs of cute dogs below, and share this story with anyone who might need a little 'convincing.

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