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For transfer students, the admission requirements for the four-year college you plan to attend often, foreign language is required ; prerequisite course requirements for your planned major; and graduation requirements at the four-year college, such as additional foreign language requirements. The proper sequencing of prerequisites of Pierce College coursework. Advisor confirmation that critical courses are projected to be offered during the quarters needed. While an educational plan can be a complete map of a degree, from start to finish, it may make more sense to project out only a few quarters if your path is more fluid or uncertain.

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New students will draft their program map with an advisor at their initial advising appointment. Metadata Show full item record.

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Abstract Since the late s a major feature of the Kenya economy has been the rising unemployment of school leavers. This problem, which has reflected the inability of the modern economy to create employment positions as fast as the education system has been producing aspirants, has greatly influenced the search for approaches aimed at making formal education more relevant to national development.

Government Commissions as well as donors who have advised on Kenya's education since have been emphatic that education should concern itself with preparing learners for self employment. As a concerted effort to relate education more to development the system of education, which has been government policy since early , emphasizes among its goals the need for primary and secondary education to prepare learners for self-reliance.

This emphasis is the theme of discussion in this paper. The discussion is cast in the light of four theories which have been influential in the education for development debate in developing countries.

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Essentially, humanely-inspired and digitally-comfortable educational planners should creatively ponder upon how best entirely to re-structure the whole of education in order to serve and help shape our utterly-transformed and ever-evolving world. Education planning should no longer focus on formal education only, but also on informal learning. By such means may much more equitable, ethical, enjoyable and far less economics-bound, test-oriented, world-of-work-dominated systems be created.