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If you prefer getting your business news in living color, the informative and entertaining videos on FluentU are right on the money. This glossary of French money terms will guide you through chatting, saving, spending and investing. Depending on your conversation partner, you may get mileage out of both the standard French and slang terms for money.

This slang term for money derives from an old word for a five-franc piece , hearkening back to the days before the Euro.

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In both cases, something essential that money can buy is used to represent money. Back in the old, pre-Millennium days, it used to refer to a franc. Chaff is considered the worthless part of the grain. What with inflation, some folks might see a single franc or Euro out of a whole bunch of money the wheat as small and valueless. Paper money and coins are both types of cash.

Pour avoir le pognon , il faut poigner les poissons. Circa , the related word la radinerie stinginess came into use.

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Reuch is the Verlan slang word for the standard French term cher expensive. You have to be rich to buy something expensive.

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  7. A sou was an old French coin of little value that was last in circulation about years ago. The word is still used to refer to a paltry amount of money—similar to saying something is worth pennies. The skinflint believes himself better than those who have debts , and those who are broke.

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