101 Ways for Short Guys to Stand Tall

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This becomes clear when you test your one rep max Deadlift. You pulled one. The other four were partials. Bouncing also increases the risk of injury. It will bounce unpredictably off the floor. It can bounce forward and away from your legs, which will stress your lower back more.

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Or it can bounce backwards into your shins, which will bruise them. Worse, bouncing happens so fast that you can neglect to use your legs.

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The usual mistake is to keep your legs straight and pull with your hips and back only. The proper way to Deadlift is from a dead stop. Wait a second on the floor between reps. Use this pause to get tight and take a big breath before pulling your next rep. You put it on the floor. Keeping the weight in the air during your whole set is bad for you back.

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When it gets tired, the first thing it will want to do is round. Rounding your lower back during heavy Deadlifts squeezes your spinal discs. Give your back a break between reps by putting the weight back on the floor. Then use that break to setup strong for your next rep. Put your spine neutral, lock it into position, get tight.

Now take a big breath and pull. Again, if you want tension, put more weight on the bar. And resting the bar on the floor between reps works better for that. Some people do this because their gym forces them to. This puts your knees more forward and your shins more incline. This is how you end up with bruised knees and bloody shins from Deadlfits. The proper Deadlift setup position looks like a half Squat. Your exact hip position depends on the length of your limbs. The simplest way to find the proper hip position for Deadlift is to setup with the bar over your mid-foot.

Bend over with straight legs and grab the bar. Now bend your knees without moving the bar until your shins touch the bar. Stop and raise your chest. Your hips were in proper position. Some people will tell you to drop your hips more.

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Anyone who has done Deadlifts long enough knows this is silly. Nothing slides. Plus your trunk muscles are there to keep your spine from rounding in the first place. Just stand straight with the weight. Some powerlifters lean back in competitions. They end their Deadlifts by pulling their shoulders past their hips. This is an exaggeration of the lockout on purpose. The goal is to show the side judges that they locked out the weight. They want to make sure get no red lights.

But leaning back squeezes your spinal discs. It does this like rounding your back does, but from the opposite direction.

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Squeezing your spine under a load can cause herniated discs. Just stand up with the weight.

Your shoulders will be above your hips, with a natural arch in your lower back. Shrugging your shoulders at the top of Deadlifts is unnecessary. Your traps already work to keep your shoulders in place when you Deadlift. They stay tight while gravity pulls the bar down. This isometric contraction against heavy weights is enough work to stimulate growth.

No need to shrug on top. Rolling your shoulders is unnecessary for the same reason. Let your shoulders hang at the top of your Deadlifts. More strength is more muscle. The guy in the video above is jerking his Deadlift. Worse, his back rounds like a taco.

Your arms will never be strong enough to lift what you can Deadlift. But try to curl that. Your arms are small muscles compared to your legs. They can never lift the same amount of weight. If you jerk the bar anyway and bend your arms right before you pull, the weight will straighten them for you. Best case you only get some elbow pain. Worst case you tear your biceps. The proper way to Deadlift is with straight arms. Grip the bar with locked elbows. Contract your triceps if if helps. Take the slack out of the bar first by pulling on the bar until it touches the top of the plate holes.

Stay tight while taking a big breath. Now get the bar off the floor by pushing through your feet.

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Once the weight is past your knees you can accelerate. But the bottom should be slow. Many guys, especially Crossfitters it seems, like to drop the weight from the top of their Deadlifts. There seems to be three reason why they do this:. The first problem with dropping the weight is that it breaks the bar, plates and floor.

Weightlifting bars and bumpers can handle it. Many people complain about gyms banning Deadlifts. This stuff is expensive.